guess the destination and win

kulula is expanding its horizons to faraway lands. Soon you’ll be able to book a holiday package to lands of palm trees and coconuts, of warm ocean currents and coral reefs, of ancient cultures and harmonious flavours. Where, oh where could it be?

Guess correctly according to the clues and you will be entered to win a fabulous 4 star holiday for two worth R27 120. Includes flights, hotel transfers and accommodation. Spending money not included.


here are some clues

hint 1: Not quite a Simpson, but their currency sounds similar

hint 2: A night in the kingdom’s capital will make a hard man humble

hint 3: The fiery cuisine and punchy national sport are both heated and sweat inducing!

hint 4: You’ll be tuk-tuk-ing your way to a beach holiday

This competition is now closed.
Congrats to Theesan Vedan you and a partner will be jetting off to fabulous Thailand. Thank you everyone for guessing our new holiday destination is Thailand